Why simulation matters?

91% of data breaches start with a phishing email. Identify your vulnerabilities before the cyber criminals do.

Phishing your own employees helps you understand who is more likely to be tricked and gives you an opportunity to patch up your defenses. Phish Insight provides a wide range of culturally appropriate phishing templates in many different languages.

Experience fully automated simulations and give your employees a chance to survive real-world cyber attacks.


Simulation Template Library

Phish Insight has a massive collection of well-curated phishing templates based on real-world threats. The templates include emails in different languages from personal and business attacks, such as software updates, failed login alerts, job offers, discount coupons, internal reward program emails, and more.

All of these templates can be customized to fit your organization's requirements. You can even create a targeted spear-phishing simulation leveraging our dynamic email content.

Automated and Convincing Simulation Campaigns

Raising security awareness is never a one-time task. Phish Insight fully automates phishing simulation based on your pre-determined schedule. Dynamic Groups allow you to manage your users easily through active directory integration. 

Phish Insight simulation campaigns can be delivered to your recipients using a randomized pattern, meaning each one of the phishing emails is delivered with one of your selected templates at a different time. The randomized delivery pattern makes the phishing simulation even more convincing.

Real-Time Dashboards

Our powerful dashboards show you exactly who clicked on the email, what operating system they were using, and what browser and the version they are on. The Phish Insight report also tracks whether recipients opened any attachments or entered any sensitive data on simulated phishing webpages. 

All information is available as a .csv download and can be provided at the individual recipient level. Phish Insight provides a professional and easy-to-use platform for you to measure and demonstrate your employees’ aptitude and progress in highly visual dashboards and reports.