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Ideal for smaller enterprises or those looking to assess our features.

Up to 200
recipients per campaign (5 domains allowed)


Robust security awareness campaign management with customization and automation features.

Up to 15,000
recipients per campaign (15 domains allowed)
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Access to template library
Scheduled simulations
Customizable phishing template
  • Content
  • Landing page
Real-time dashboard
Phished user list
Automated campaigns
  • Random phishing templates
  • Recurrent simulations
  • Staggered email delivery
Customizable training programs
Download training results
Unlimited training modules
Customizable internal communication
User Management
User group management
User upload - CSV format
AD Integration
Dynamic groups
Knowledge base
In-product support

How does it work

When you sign up you can start to use Phish Insight immediately.

As a standard user you can:

  • Send test campaigns to up to 20 recipients

  • Verify your email domain and send up to 200 phishing simulations or training emails

To discuss our Premium plan, please contact us