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Email credits /mo. (5 domains allowed)


Robust security awareness campaign management with customization and automation features.

Email credits /mo. (15 domains allowed)
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Access to template library
Automated Campaigns
  • Random phishing templates
  • Scheduled simulations
  • Staggered email delivery
90 day trial*
Customizable phishing template
  • Content
  • Landing page
Real-time dashboard
Phished user list
Unlimited training programs
90 day trial*
Customizable training programs
Customizable internal communication
90 day trial*
Download training results
User Management
User group management
User upload - CSV format
AD Integration
90 day trial*
Dynamic group
90 day trial*
Knowledge base
In-product support
90 day trial*

* The trial of these premium features will expire on August 31, 2021.

How does it work

When you sign up you can start to use Phish Insight immediately.

As a standard user you can:

  • Send test campaigns to up to 20 recipients

  • Verify your email domain and send up to 200 phishing simulations or training emails

To discuss our Premium plan, please contact us