Doing a Phishing Simulation is Easy in Phish Insight
We are confident that we will save your time as tests are easily configured and scheduled.
The intuitive menus and step-by-step guides limit training time and allow non-experts to use the system.
No Software To Install
Phish Insight is a SaaS based phishing awareness tool. With Phish Insight, there is no need for special software. You can access Phish Insight via a standard web browser.
Phishing Email Template Library
We have taken the difficulty out of creating a test. With pre-designed templates, you can be up and running in minutes. All templates can be customized as necessary. Templates include emails from personal and business accounts, such as an Amazon coupon, a Facebook login alert, a Linkedin friend request notification or internal reward program and more. And don't worry, templates that are designed to mimic real-world attacks without any of the danger.
All Templates Can Be Customized
You can change our existing templates and customize to meet your needs for the phishing simulation. You can even create targeted spear-phishing campaigns based on public and/or personal information that leverages the platform’s personalized data fields.
Custom Spoofed Sender
You can edit the From name and From email address. Use any sender name and email address based on the scenario in your organization.
Recipient Alert Options
Set up campaigns to be either notify the recipient "when campaign ends" or "When Phished". Without notice is also available.
Real-Time and Visualized Dashboard
You can see exactly who clicked on the email, what operating system they were using, and what browser and the version they are on. Reporting also tracks whether recipients opened any attachments and if they input any sensitive data on simulated webpages. This information is all available as a .csv download and can be provided at the individual recipient level. Phish Insight makes it easy to measure and demonstrate your employees’ aptitude and progress on highly visual dashboards and reports.
Although We Offer Free Service, It Doesn't Mean It's Not Safe.
Phish Insight is hosted in a secure data center. The safety of customer's data is our first priority.
Also, here are 2 ways to protect your account:
DNS TXT Record Authorization
Every Phish Insight account has its own DNS TXT key. To make your simulated attack effective, you must add a TXT key for your account to the DNS servers supporting the email domain of your recipients. When you start a phishing simulation, Phish Insight will probe the domain server of the campaign recipients' email addresses. If it finds the corresponding TXT record, Phish Insight sends out the simulated phishing emails.
SMS Verification
When you are about to finish the campaign setting and ready to start a phishing simulation, Phish Insight would send you a text message with a verification code. Only inputting the correct code will activate the campaign.
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