Reinforce employee to stay secure at work.


Phish Insight provides fun educational resources freely available for download to reinforce your employee when it comes to fighting phishing and staying secure at work.
Service Plans
Raise the security awareness of your users for free.
20 recipients per campaign
1 mailing domain

Create a campaign for a maximum of 20 recipients with 4 quick steps. The email campaign can only go to recipients with the same email domain as you.

For example, if your registered account is You can send a phishing simulation to, but the system will not allow an email to be sent to

This plan is suitable for organizations where the DNS server is hosted by another domain host.

200 recipients per campaign
Unlimited mailing domains

Add a TXT record to the DNS server of your account’s email domain and you'll be upgraded to standard.

You will then be able to create a campaign with up to 200 recipients. If your organization has multiple domains, add the TXT key to all domains you want to test.

The DNS TXT record is a security feature of Phish Insight to prevent inappropriate use of the service.

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Unlimited recipients per campaign
Unlimited mailing domains

If you would like to create a phishing simulation to more than 200 recipients or if you are interested in our premium features, please contact us.

Premium features:

  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Unlimited Recipients
  • Add your own training link
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